Wednesday, October 03, 2007

2/3 Oct 07

I was up at 5 this morning - drive down to Inverness for train at 8.

Some good news is that I got away with the bike box weighing 27kg
without paying excess baggage! Bad news was not finding a luggage
trolley on arrival at Kings Cross, and the big unweildy box was in
the luggage van at the wrong end of the train. I had to manhandle the
huge box alone for about a quarter of a mile including up and down
escalators, to get onto the tube. The officious ticket seller would
not let me get a ticket without getting in the concertina queue - an
extra 100 metres or so - grrrrrr!!

The 1 hour or so on the tube was interesting - jam packed carriages
and the box sticking halfway accross the doors in the only place it
could fit - no-one looked the least put out though, thanks guys!

Anyway, so far so good - baggage-handlers being the next possible obstacle.

In Hong Kong airport at the mo taking advantage of the free wifi and
enjoying iced latte. HK is 7 hours ahead of London, as is Perth my
destination, as it happens.

A year cycling around Australia supporting WaterAid - starting in
Perth 6 Oct 2007 and heading anticlockwise :-