Wednesday, February 13, 2008

DAY 131: Day off in Coolangatta

Awoke to another cloudy day but warm as ever. After breakfast with Linda and Arie I went for a wander around the shops and a walk on the beach afor the morning. Lots of people were sunbathing but the sun only popped out occasionally - although I understand you can still get ‘irradiated’ through the cloud!? I enjoyed watching the surfing for a while, and some of them are very good; clearly they’ve been at it for years. The ‘High Street’ of Coolangatta is quite pleasant, and there is a sense of community and ‘separateness’ from the neighbouring districts on the rest of the fairly heavily populated Gold Coast. I sat in the street for a while with cake and iced coffe and watched the world go by. On having a rummage through the St.Vinnie’s
op shop I found a new white T-shirt with Bicycle Gold Coast logo for $4 and bought it, before heading back to Linda’s. On showing her what I’d bought she laughed - and it turned out that she had designed and commissioned these 4 years ago, and this one found it’s way back into her life somehow! Linda set up theu Bicycle Gold Coast website and has spent many years promoting cycling in this area.
In the aftrenoon Linda took me to the art gallery at Murwillumbah, which was a very positive experiencei. The gallery has great views of the tree-lined valleys leading down to the town, and which can be seen in a different way through deep and narrow vertical windows.
The collection there is very interesting, with some beautiful big portraits and unusual pottery and glassware to mention just a few items of interest. Also of interets was the cafe with scrumptious cakes and coffee that of course we had to try before leaving. On the way back we called to see Lindsay and Marjie, the couple I was arranging to stay with in Murwillumbah but didn’t. Like Linda they have masses of experience in cycle touring, and they told us about the 4-month tour of South America they start next month, taking in Chile, Argentina and Bolivia via the Carreterra track. I could have spent many happy hours chatting to them about their riding.
In the evening the three of us went out to a Suchi restaurant for dinner - my first time at one of these places - very enjoyable and a nice experience, th,ough a bit pricier than my budget likes at $36!!