Friday, November 23, 2007

DAY 49: Second day off in Wallaroo

PICS: Right: The old poster for Dunlop tyres is in the wallaroo museum - in case it's not clear the fat man is standing on a bicycle wheel! yeah, right!!

Pic below is in main street Wallaroo - lovely old town!

3rd pic is centre of Wallaroo

Not ready to drag myself away from this place yet - both the place and the people that is. After the previous nights poor sleep I had a good one last night.
Had a stroll on the beach around 7 as the sun was warming the place up, then leisurely breakfast as i watched the news on TV - mostly all about the Oz elections tomorrow (Saturday) - just as boring as in the UK, usual mud-slinging.
Peter and Sue joined me in the kitchen and Sue voiced some ideas she had about raising the profile of my fund-raising for WaterAid - semingly she has done this sort of thing before. she hosts a local radio programme in Adelaide on a Saturday morning and thinks there may be an opportunity there - and duly recorded an interview with me on Peter’s camera. She also mentioned the possibility of a ‘party’ at her home Saturday week to promote to friends and so forth. she doesn’t let the grass grow under her feet, but sue is in no way pushy; she has a quiet but deep and thoughtful way with her that is delightful. Her and Peter are both very sociable, switcherd-on people that see the best in things and people, without prejudice. I have arranged to stay with them next wekend, and I look forward to seeing them again.
I did a bit of internet stuff in the CP office and actually messaged with Lyn on gmail - brilliant - the first time we’ve managed this so far due to time differences etc. usually when she’s ‘available’ i’m riding.
Sue and Peter are going home today and after packing away their trailer tent we drove into town and had cakes and coffee at the (wonderful) bakery. In fact I had my second Farmer’s Union Iced Coffee of the day and not yet 11!
After saying our au revoirs I went off to spend a couple of hours in the local museum, which was very interesting - lots of info and pics about the former copper smelter which helped establish the town; old facts and artefacts from life in the town, and a nautical section emphasising the town’s importance as a grain port, with stuff about the sailing vessels that sailed from here to Europe with grain etc.
I shuttled across to the library but had no joy with the internet - dodgy PC or something - then after pastie and capuccino sauntered back the 3km to the CP. It’s a bsit of a liberty that what should be a 15 minute walk around the shore takes 40 minutes as you have to walk in a big circle around the new upmarket marina / homes development which appoears to totally exclude thye public from the coastline - how did the developers get away with that? Hmmmmm.
Managed to upload OK from the CP office so all organised. I will probably head off tomorrow but not far - there are a couple of old towns within 30km or so that I want to see, and I may stay over in one or both.

pics taken on beach at sunset...