Thursday, October 25, 2007

DAY 19: Bush camp to Esperance

Weds 24 Oct 07
75 km @ 15.2 km/hr
modest headwind

My little glade in the bush was a pleasant camping site - no mozzies or other disturbances.
Away at 0800 and still a headwind unfortunately; I didn’t feel quite as energetic as yesterday. I knew there would be no cafes / shops before Esperance but I was well-rationed with chocolate and biscuits, which I indulged in every hour or so.
The last 10km was a slog, a couple of steep hills after 200 km of no hills to talk of, and an onshore breeze increasing in strength as I reached the coast.
The sea front at Esp is startling - pure white sand and clear pale blue waters - a beautiful sight. After finding out that the caravan park charged $24 / nt I plumped for the convenience of a single room at the YHA for $34 / nt. I dropped my bags and headed off to IGA for some fresh salad and sliced beef for supper - I am in need of some good wholesome food after the vagaries of the roadhouses basic fried fare. And a bottle of Oz Cab Sav to wash it down.
There were about a dozen other guests and we quickly got to know each other - people from NZ, Denmark, Oz of course. I rang George and he is in Norseman, 200km N of here at the start of the Nullabor.
I was feeling very tired and went off early, looking forward to some recovery.

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