Monday, October 29, 2007

DAY 24: Salmon Gums to Norseman

Monday 28th Oct 07
98 km @ 19.0 km/hr
Warm, sunny, slight side wind.

This was to be another near-100km pull on dead straight roads with hardly any hills. There was nothing at all along the way so we carried snacks and plenty of water, and stopped about 3 times to stretch and eat.There was a little more traffic today this being a Monday, but still not what you would call busy.the last 20 km was (as usual) quite hard, with a slight headwind and slightly steeper uphill stretches. I felt OK on arrival at Norseman though. The boils had gone down quite a bit but I was still feeling some discomfort there despite using lots of Vaseline and Savlon.We chose to stay at the local campsite (with a million flies as our guests) and shot off for bacon anmd eggs at the local caff. Norseman is ok, but you wouldn’t want to spend too long here. It’s more of an industrial centre than tourist attraction. The Telecentre is temporarily closed so I don’t at this point know whether I’ll be able to upload this and photos (I’m typing it up in the camp kitchen).Tomorrow I plan to head for the Fraser Ranges caravan park which is supposed to be very nice - it’s located on a sheep station about 100km down Highway 1 from here - so another long pull will be required. Thomas is going to try and get to Belladonia roadhouse which is all of 200 km, so we will part company tonight. I shall miss him, even though we’ve only been together for a few days I feel as if I’ve known him longer; we seem to have done a lot together. Unable to upload at all in Norseman unfortunately.
On arrival at Norseman - the Telecentre is temporarily closed and there are limitd other options. I completed my first 1000 miles (1600 km) which is encouraging - to say that October has not been a full month I feel more confident that I can manage the mileages required, boils and disaters allowing.

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