Tuesday, November 13, 2007

DAY 38: Ceduna to Smoky Bay

(Right) road from Ceduna to Smoky Bay

Mon 12th Nov 07
43 km @ 13.2 km/hr
Headwind from SE

Had a lie in until 0800 - woohoo! I wanted to get to the shops to get a few bits and bobs. Had leisurely breakfast with Walther, listening to details of some of their travels, then said au revoir and hello to the shops. I got some stuff for my heels which are hard and split - seems to be a common problem here judging by all the treatments stocked by the chemist; a new pair or reading glasses, and a dictaphone. I’m always thinking of things to write down or remember whilst riding along, so this should help.
I got off down the road at around 1030 and straight into a SE headwind yet again, and it was uphill too for a while so slow progress. The road was fairly featureless too, and th flies were the worst I can remember to date, so much so that I had to wear my headnet for the first time.
after e hours riding I arrived at Smoky Bay. This is a quiet little village of about 100 neat little bungalows, a well-stocked general store and a caravan park. The park is right next to the beach and within half an hour I was down there with trunks on dipping my toe into the Southern Ocean. It was a little cool, but i was soon fully immersed regardless, and it felt great.
That was me agenda for most of the afternoon then - quick dip, dry out, bake in the sun a little, back in the sea to cool off etc. etc. I also popped into the store to see if I can get a bottle of wine, and happily they did have a bottle store, and even more happily I found 2 litre boxes of wine. I had thought that wine boxes were e or 4 litre maximum, too big to carry on the bike, and as i don’t want to carry bottles as baggage I’ve largely done without wine so far. So I was very pleased with my box of Banrock Station Cabernet Merlot and quite cheap at $13. 50 too (£5.50).
I was a bit naughty for not putting sun block on for most of the afternooon and was a little indulgent in this respect, but I was just luxuriating in the feel of the sun on my skin, especially the white bits.
Back for a shower at 1800 then over to the well-equipped campers kitchen for pasta / tuna in spicy tomato sauce, and glass or two of red. have good blather with some Australians over dinner, including a lady who’s great-grandmother knew the (Ned) Kelly famly, whom I am reading about at the moment. She agreed with what I have gleaned from the book I’m currently reading, that the family were very badly treated by the police, and Ned was not a born renegade.
After dinner I made coffee and took it and block of Cadbury’s Rum and Raisin over to beach to watch the sun go down. Lyn, you would have loved it - gentle warm breeze, sandy beach warm to the touch, lovely orange sunset, beautiful surroundings - end of a most enjoyable day.
As it’s so mild and seemingly no chance of rain I’m going to sleep without the tent outer cover on - just the inner mesh, or ‘bug dome’ as they are termed over here.
(Right) Smoky Bay jetty 1800 hrs

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