Thursday, November 22, 2007

DAY 48: Day off in Wallaroo

Thurs 22nd Nov 07

Didn’t sleep well last night since I was unable to turn off the lights over where the tent was pitched doh! Anyhow I plan a nice relaxing day so no sweat.
The 3 girls were busy preparing for their second days ride but we had a good chat over breakfast about cycling, adventure and the like. (see pic)Arranged with new friends Sue and Peter to go into town (3km away) with them at 1130 - this allows me tostay off the bike completely to try and get my nether regions in better shape - although the boil has gone I now have an open sore where the remains of the boil is and it’s sore and tender.

Although there is free internet at the site office it was unable to log me into the blog so abandoned that and decided to go to the library in town instead, also free of course, subject to availability. Duly got this sorted and replied to e-mails etc., in good time for lunch with S & P - medley of seafood with chips, very nice, and the flies enjoyed it too!

Bought a few bits of food, and then discussed my ‘bits’ with the pharmacist and she recommended Batadene antiseptic gel and covering the site with Opsite (or similar name - fabric film kinda like skin).
Sue and Peter asked if I’d like dinner with them - Peter will be cooking a Hungarian goulash / stew and I readily agreed. My contribution was a huge fresh cream black Forest gateau for pudding.
Lazed about most of the afternoon until P got out the (first) bottle of Dusk, a strwaberry-flavoured Oz ‘chamlagne’ - very pleasant and ice cold. it wasn’t a particularly hot day though, about 22 deg C. The stew was very tasty too, and it was good to try something different

Pics of the girls (from left Bonny, Lisa and Laura), and of Peter and Sue. Nice people.

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Rob G said...

Hi David, looks like a great trip so far, I'm envious.
keep up the good work, especially the road photos and enjoy your day off in Wallaroo.