Saturday, December 08, 2007

DAY 64: Day off in Robe

DAY 63: Day off in Robe
Sat 6th December 2007
Sunny, warm, breezy

All quiet and tranquill last night, no disturbances, although there will be quite a few more here tonight. Got to know some of the longer term guests over breakfast (“I only came for a night and stayed a month”).
I nipped into town on the bike for a few errands and to use the library internet, but limited to half an hour there wasn’t time to upload pics. Couldn’t resist a coffee and croissants with apricot jam at the bakery (well known there already).
I later strolled into town via the coastal path. Azure ocean, white beaches, craggy and erodedf red cliffs, cormorants (or shags?), warm sunshine - another happy day in paradise! The colourful Variable Groundsel (senecio lautus) is everywhere - it was in flower in WA so maybe it’s later here, anyway no 2 clumps seem to be the same colour, no wonder it’s called ‘variable’. The flowers are very photogenic!
I followed the path onto and across a couple of practically deserted beaches, having shed sandals in true beach bum fashion. These Shimano sandals are great - very stiff for cycling and with cleats for clipping into the pedals, but the stiffness makes for less than 100% comfort in walking, plus I have 2 mozzie bites just where one of the straps is, so it’s nice to get them off. To be frank I also like the feel of the sand and the ground under my bare feet - something very primeval and comfortable about it - hope I avoid any broken glass!
The coastal path peters out by the harbour / marina, which is a shame, as there is another headland beyond that would benefit from extension. However there is a chippy at the harbour and the smell was too tempting, and I succumbed to todays $8 special - 3 pieces of Butterfish and chips, with chili sauce. A lot cheaper than last nights offering, but very enjoyable anyhow. I’ll say it again, if you like food and burn lots of calories it can only support happiness! There was even enough to chuck a few chips to the gulls - always aroung when there’s food about. I wonder if they ever hunt for their own food at all any more (shouldn’t encourage them I suppose).
I had 3 replies from potential hosts and made a note of possibly dates they offered, good outcome.
I was unable to upload the text of my blog this afternoon on the YHA machines - they are newish PC’s with Windows Vista but did not have Micrmodoft Word loaded, which is unusual.

here's a pic of me learning to march along the beach.

There followed a frustrating hour or so trying to find an altertnative way but no go. At least one of the residents made a thorough nuicance of himself making very loud and babyish noises, which was as real drag after such a peaceful time, and he was politely told to shut it. I went to the flicks again tonight but didn’t enjoy the film and left half-way through (Death at a Funeral).

Note - no dogs allowed on beach!!

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