Sunday, December 30, 2007

DAY 81: Day 2 off in Melbourne

Tues 25th December 2007
Cloud AM, sunny later
LEFT: Jasmine and Dot

Christmas Day, and John, Marjorie, daughters Ruth and Jasmine are all off to enjoy the festivities at their traditional family gathering on the eastern outskirts of the city. Outward travel arrangements included a train journey, which is free on Christmas day here - to reduce wage costs in collecting fares presumably.
The sun was out by the everyone arrived at around noon, and we were able to enjoy al fresco partying all afternoon. It was a typically enjoyable get together with plenty of kids and pets to liven things up, and a mountain of food to be consumed (hard life eh?). There are about 6 families here and they all brought some food, resulting in a large choice of edibles. It’s so enjoyable to sit around outside for this type of gathering, completely informal and relaxing, everyone swapping seats constantly so you eventually get to meet everyone. I wasn’t the only overseas guest either, a lady from Zimbabwe was here with her son; they were staying with another of the family members. Lots of chat, baby holding, eating, drinking - wonderful!
LEFT: Jasmine (John and Marj's daughter with 2 of the kids.

The piece de resistance for me was the ‘second course’ - a huge plate containing my favourite sweet thing - Rocky Road - in 6 different flavours including white chocolate, liquorice etc. My eyes nearly popped.
PIC LEFT: The lady from Botswana and Marjorie

After that lot it was present-opening time and even I got a present, which was very thoughtful of the hosts. Finally we had the ‘official’ pudding - trifle / fruit salad / fruit cake etc. Mmmmmm!
It all broke up around 7 and we headed home ion little need of any dinner; just needed to sleep it off..
I rang Lyn at 2100 ( 1000) in UK and enjoyed a nice chat - I was about to go to bed having ‘done’ Christmas Day and she was just preparing the Christmas lunch!
Tomorrow I’m going to do some maintenance on then bike then cycle into the city for a lazy day wandering around.

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