Monday, January 28, 2008

DAT 116: Day off Forster-Tuncurry

Tues 29th January 2008

Distance to date 7073 km (4421 miles)

Sunny, upper 20’s, pleasant

I was still undecided on waking whether to stay here or move on, but decided to stay another day - great site and cheap; hot day in prospect with strong E wind; and needed to update blog for last 4 days. Leisurely breakfast then, and lingered in the early sunshine with the Sydney Herald. Last night was lovely and quiet and I hardly stirred.

I cycled to the library for opening time at 1000, and got on the free internet, which you can have for up to 2 hours if required. The connection was fast too, the images only taking a few minutes per 5 at a time uploaded. Afterwards I headed into Forster to have a look around, and it is somewhat of a nicer place than it seemed yesterday, certainly the blue sky and sea, and white sand can’t help but look attractive. The town lies at the exit from Wallis Lake to the sea, and on the other side of this ‘exit’ lies Tuncurry over a 500m bridge. Pelicans were everywhere there was a fish gutting station, waiting for a free meal. I read that these birds have had a disastrous breeding season this time, with no chicks at all surviving at their main breeding ground near Adelaide - due to predation by foxes and bad weather I understand. The town(s) are very modern and don’t have bags of character to my mind, but they’re pleasant enough, and very popular with anglers and the boating set. I couldn’t resist Subway again and couldn’t resist ordering the old meatballs again.

It was a hot afternoon and the pool was calling so the rest of the day was spent in and out of it, reading the paper and generally chilling out. I fancied something different for dinner, indeed I fancied a curry, so the big Woolworth’s Supermarket was duly raided and a Tandoori kit and some organic chook left with me, and it was delicious - I even got the yoghurt to make the proper sauce with.

It’s noisier tonight as there are a group of 4 blokes effing and blinding nearby, and showing off to the 2 Australian girls in the tent next door to me. I think they are Brits - I said hello to one of them and he ignored me so I could be right.

Definitely heading north tomorrow, probably to Crowdy Lake NP where there is a campsite on the beach. Everywhere should be getting a little quieter now the summer hols are over. There are a lot of Brits here though all the same - I keep hearing them all over the place.

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