Monday, January 07, 2008

DAY 92: Orbost - Marlo - Orbost

30 km @ 17.0 km/hr
Sat 5th January 2008
Distance to date 5829 km (3643 miles)
Sunny and very hot (lower 30’s)

Woke to the tinkle of Bellbirds and promise of a very hot day. I’m staying here in Orbost CP another night - partly to avoid a long ride on a very hot day and partly to get some e-mailing done on the Park Wifi. Unfortunately I’m not able to sign into my blog to add to it - probably bugs in the Windows Mobile 5 operating system on the Axim. I Phoned Lyn 2145 UK time and we had a good natter. Sher has 3 jobs on the go at the mo poor thing.
I went into town for a wander around, and it really is a pleasant little place. The park is very well done out with sculptures and mosaic floor tiles in places; very tasteful. Had a peek at the mens clothes in the Op Shop (charity shop to you in the UK) as I still haven’t replaced the (only) one I brought with me that I left at Salmon Gums in WA. Nothing I fancied, though I had a laugh at some of the clothes on the rack - some people must have a good sense of humour judging by some of the patterns and gaudy colours.
I grabbed a paper and spent the next 3 hours by the tent which is under a huge shady tree, nice and cool against the extreme heat out in the open. I can expect more very hot days over the next few months, but I should be able to build up days off to do little riding at these times. Several cups of tea later I decided to brave the sun and ride into the coastal town of Marlo just 14km away..
It was hard going on the way to Marlo as there was little shade and a headwind, but I was there within the hour anyway, just in time to watch the start of a triathlon. There were lots of people watching, and I struck up a conversation with an older local man about local stuff and my ride. Riding back was infinitely easier with the wind behind me and the later hour creating more shade on my left, apart from some moron who shouted out of the car window for me to "Get off the road". When I got back to the CP I sent a few e-mails again to try and organise accomodation in Canberra for 5 days or so, I have 3 different offers so will probably accept 2 of these with gratitude. I’m looking forward to exploring Canberra.

The evening light makes colours come to life so well, as in this shot in the CP of trees to the west:

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