Tuesday, February 12, 2008

DAY 129: Day off in Murwillumbah

Mon 11th February 2008
Distance to date still 7752 km (4845 miles)
Very warm / humid / cloud again

It took me a little time to get to sleep last night, and I didn’t want to get up this morning and so slept until nearly 10. The others in the dorm are very quiet and best of all no-one snores! At least I wasn’t aware of it. I had fresh fruit salad for breakfast with mango yoghurt over the fruit, which is fast becoming a favourite of mine. As I head north into tropical areas fruit is becoming cheaper and more easily available, at the roadside, markets etc. so I will be eating more of it. It’s nice with muesli sprinkled over too, but I don’t have any at the moment. Had a chat to one of the guys who is leaving today and who delivers boats for their owners for a living. He brought a yacht from somewhere in N.Queensland down to Brisbane for repairs, and is ‘waiting out’ until the boat is ready for return - what a job! He lives on the Whitsunday Islands off central Queensland which is where Gareth and Jen (Lyn's son and daughter-in-law) spent their honeymoon in ecember 2006.

I’m going to have a very lazy 'recovery' day today, and am typing this up sat out on the balcony over the river. As you can see I have a reptile friend under the table keeping me company - I think it's called a Dragon Lizard. It's supposed to be harmless.
I feel a bit weary today so will do very little. I went to see whether the library offered free internet but no go - it was $6/hr or so for non-members, so it was cheaper at the nearby internet place at $4, I had already noted, so that’s where I went and got up to date. I had a read in the afternoon sat on the balcony over the river, had dinner, then got together with the other 6 guests and we had a long and interesting discussion about the state of the planet / environment for the rest of the evening. Owner of the hostel Tazzie showed us a short video of some inventions, such as the high-pressure air motor that was fitted into a small car, that never got off the ground despite the apparent attractions, due it was alleged to pressures from oil businesses. He also gave us ice cream again at 9 which seems to be a tradition here - a good tradition I say! Did I mention yesterday that he's been here for 36 years?!
After all this excitement I was well ready for sleep and was away with the fairies in no time at all.

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