Tuesday, June 10, 2008

DAY 228: Day off in Humpy Doo

(didn't take any pics today)

8th June 2008

36 km @ 19.1 km/hr

Sunny, 30 deg C

Elevation of destination 20 m

Distance to date 14011 km (8757 miles)

I slept very well as expected and felt better for it. Kingsley and I rode out to Palmerston where he had a job sorting a lady’s computer out. We called at Bakers Oven for some sustenance on the way back and he showed me how to carry on into Darwin, only 40km from here.

In the afternoon we attempted to change my transmission i.e. Fit new chainring, sprocket and chain, however after getting the old bits off I was dismayed to find that St Kilda Cycles have for the second time sent me the wrong chainring - the 5 holes in this one are too close together to fit. I will have to return this for the second time, which is a real drag, I was relying on them as bicycle experts to ask me the right questions to enable them to supply the right part - they didn’t ask for the exact dimensions of my old chainring and I assumed they knew what I needed - clearly not. So I STILL can’t do this task and will have to persevere with the old setup.

I spent the rest of the day eating (I’m always hungry), drinking (always thirsty) in between chatting with my interesting host.

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