Monday, June 16, 2008

DAY 233: Day 4 off in Darwin

13th June 2008

24 km @ 15.0 km/hr

Sunny, 32 deg C

Elevation of destination 37 m

Distance to date 14173 km (8858 miles)

Usual relaxed start to the day and a ride down to upload at the Book Exchange, however my card reader refused to power up when connected. It has been a bit iffy for a few weeks but has eventually worked, but not today. I was able to use the SD port integral to the PC I was using, but I’ll have to replace the reader, and might as well do it whilst in Darwin where such an item is easily available.

Whereupon I cycled up to an electronics shop I was at yesterday and bought a universal card reader for $20. Afterwards I rode around for a while and finished up in the city again and back to the cafe where I had the nice sandwich on Tuesday, Monty’s on the Mall - and it was just as good today. Such a lovely spot for eating too, in the middle of the Mall where there’s lots going on - the cafe always seems to be playing Bee Gees music (what’s wrong with that?) but today a small group of Aboriginal men were making tribal music in competition. And there are a couple of Chinese masseurs offering their services, and plenty of takers too - I may try this before I leave, it looks so relaxing. And just people watching is always interesting, so it was a pleasant couple of hours alternating between these distractions and the Telegraph Weekly (and eating). It might not sound very exciting but it’s one of my favourite pastimes.

I checked at the PO but the chainring from St Kilda Cycles hasn’t arrived yet, and when I phoned up to inquire Vince wasn’t in today and no-one else knew whether it had been posted or not. No change there then, those people don’t seem to talk to each other; remind me NEVER to deal with them again.

Back to the internet place to check out the card reader, and it was fine, and I chose a novel while I was there - Cloudstreet by Tim Winton - a recommended Australian classic.

Where’s the day gone? Didn't take any pics today, unusually.

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