Friday, June 27, 2008

DAY 242: Walker Creek to Buley Rockhole

Sun 22nd June 2008
58km @ 13.2 km/hr
Cloudy, sunny later, 31 deg C
Elevation of destination 130 m
Distance to date 14435 km (9022 miles)

The canine gatecrashers didn’t return, and I had a peaceful night. I decided to move on, and slowly packed up; however I couldn’t find my 3 bungee straps that hold my tent on the rear rack. I must have left them back on the path in, and though I went back to look, they weren’t there. I did have a spare luckily, and a few small ones, that will just have to do for now. I carried the bags and bike separately back to where I could fit them back onto the bike (across the waterfall and up some steep steps lol), and was out onto the road by 1030, and straight into a 1km 9% hill. Today’s ride was very nice, twisty, hilly road bordered by cycad palm forest and red rocky outcrops.
Unfortunately I had yet another puncture after just 7km, and it was on the only patch on the tube again. Was it another duff patch or something sticking in the tyre at that same point? I fitted another tube and also put a thick patch inside the tyre at that point, and it was OK after that, although of course I don’t know whether it’s the tube or tyre now do I?!
I stopped to look at the spectacular Wangi Falls, and had an egg and bacon roll and 2 iced coffees from the welcome kiosk. I was offered a sandwich by a couple sat nearby, which I gratefully accepted, and recounted my adventures yet again. During the next few hours I dropped in at Green Ant Creek (beautiful), Tolmer Falls (80m falls drop into huge canyon, nice), Tabletop Swamp (no birds) and Florence Falls (dramatic). There was a NP campsite at the latter, where I had intended to stay, but it was full so I’ll have to wait a bit longer for a shower. I carried on to Buley Rockhole, which isn’t the best of campsites, but had to do as it was late. After setting up I still had time to go for a dip in the plunge pool - cold water and cold on getting out - but very refreshing.
Today’s ride was excellent; quiet road; some shade, interesting scenery - great. There are 3 x 9% (or so) hills on today’s stretch, all around 1km long. Hardly French Alps....

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