Thursday, July 03, 2008

DAY 247: Edith Falls to Katherine

Fri 27th June 2008
61 km @ 15.7 km/hr
Sunny, 28 deg C
Elevation of /destination xxx m
Distance to date 14620 km (9137 miles)

I got away around 0930 after comparing more notes with Tim and Will, and with the SE wind mostly behind me for the first 20km i.e. as far as the Stuart Highway. Then the wind was mostly on the left side but in front of me for several km uphill and pretty tough.
I was in Katherine within 4 hours and enjoying the delights of Brumby’s bakery once again. First stop was the fast internet place I used when I was here last, and it didn’t take long to upload 12 days blog and pics - faster for my pre-sorting of pics from the many I took during this period. E-mailing wasn’t as succesful, since there seemed to be something wrong at G-mail, which kept breaking off. I actually lost an e-mail that Lyn sent me, strangely.
I had been recommended Coco’s Backpackers by the cyclists I met this week so I decided to give it a go. It’s right in the town centre so more convenient than any of the caravan parks, which are well outside. It’s basic, but friendly, and there’s yet another cyclist, Alistair from New Zealand, who is heading the same way as me. I think I will leave here tomorrow though, as I’ve been and done Katherine already, and I’m keen to see pastures new. Alistair will also ride the Gibb River Road, so we have been comparing notes tonight.
I did a big shop earlier at Woolworth’s, in preparation for a few days haul to Kununurra, where the next decent supermarket is situated. All I have to do know is to fit it all in the bags.
Hopefully the SE-er will persist and help me along for the next few hundred km.....

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