Monday, August 11, 2008

DAY 285: Day 1 off Tom Price

Mon 4th August 2008
Sunny, some cloud, 28 deg C
Elevation of /destination 708m
Distance to date 17395 km (10872 miles)

The caravan park had filled up substantially last evening but despite tents either side of me I slept OK. I enjoyed the luxury of an electric toaster and a new jar of rhubarb jam to spread thereon before riding into town to upload for the first time in 10 days. These long delays will be common now until I get to down to Geraldton and Perth.

I set up to upload at Mount Nameless Internet Cafe but the 2 PC’s I tried didn’t work properly, so I gave up and went to the VIC, but their system wasn’t working either. Third time lucky, the computer shop machines were OK and I spent the next 90 minutes and $10 there doing my stuff.
I wanted to go on a tour of the local iron ore mine which operates once a day, but one has to has ‘closed-in’ footwear, and I only have sandals, so I found a $15 pair of trianers in Coles that will do the job. Maybe if I keep them clean I can take them back for a refund after the tour lol.
Not much else to report - mostly eating and chilling out, and gaining strength for some possibly tough days ahead if the wind assistance is indeed to be in short supply in the days ahead./
The centre of Tom Price is occupied by hundreds of Corellas who come and stand right next to you when you get some food out (pic). I haven’t seen any other birds here so they’ve obviously seen them off and taken over the town. They look very comical with their Mohican haircut, staggery old-man walk and heads cocked to one side looking up at you wistfully, willing you to feed them.

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