Monday, August 11, 2008

DAY 288: Bush camp to bush camp 86km SE of Nanutarra

Thurs 7th August 2008
103km @ 16.9 km/hr
Sunny, 28 deg C
Elevation of /destination 181m
Distance to date 17604 km (11002 miles)

I must have been asleep before 9 since I’d felt very tired, but I awoke at 3 for a pee and once back in the bag I was too cold to sleep. I lay shivering for an hour but still hadn’t warmed up, so I put on all the clothing I had, which must have done the trick, as I didn’t wake up until the sun was blazing into the tent at 0740. I made an extra-rich dried milk mix for the muesli as a treat - it tasted like cream - then got on the road just after 9.
Initially the moderate SE wind blew me along nicely, but within the hour it dropped altogether, and for most of the day thereafter there was either no wind at all or it blew up briefly from any direction, so not much wind assistance today unfortunately. It was a reasonably pleasant ride through a long mountain range; gently undulating and little traffic to contend with. I had to stop after just 30m as I was very hungry, and eventually found a shady spot with leaning tree; not easy!
Not so many wild flowers today but plenty of cows who stared at me in amazement like groupies to a superstar, but these ones didn’t run away.
I was pleased to top 100km again since this was quite a hard day - this leaves me within reasonable striking distance of the Nanutarra Roadhouse by around 1500 tomorrow, so I can set that as a target and reward - big nosh and iced coffee! I have no idea what the wind will do though, it’s full of surprises lately. It’s usually SE in the mornings though, which as I’m heading NW again in the morning will be good, but I’m not holding my breath.
I found a good bush camp at first try tonight - a cracker too - behind a small rocky outcrop about 100m from the road and well hidden. There’s a convenient fireplace between some rocks, plenty of dry wood, and a nice shady rock ledge to sit on and watch the sunset whilst imbibing - a cup of red first while it’s still at 24 degrees, then some white as I eat when it’s gone cooler than the red. Oh, I'm so organised lol. I so enjoy this time - the feeling of peace and solitude it gives me is priceless - I’ve been looking forward to it all day! Bush camping is a wonderful experience.

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