Monday, September 01, 2008

DAY 308: S-bend Roadhouse to Dongara / Port Denison

Weds 27th August 2008
50km @ 15.0 km hr
Sunny, 26 deg C
Elevation of /destination 8m
Distance to date 18953 km (11846 miles)

Despite plenty of traffic rolling by in the night I slept well, and was up fairly early to join Robbie for breakfast. We found plenty to talk about though so it was turned 9 when we left; me into a tailwind for a change. The road was very busy though, with hundreds of trucks on the go, some coming close to me with a narrow bitumen shoulder. The outer gravel shoulder was fairly firm though, so whenever I saw I might be squeezed I jumped onto it. The first 10km was dead flat and dead staight, but thereafter it started undulating, with a couple of steepish climbs.
I arrived in Dongara well before 1100 and the first building I noticed was the bakery, so I couldn’t let that pass without sampling something e.g. a chunky steak pie and iced coffee. To be honest Dongara was a nicer place than I had anticipated - everything I’ve read about it, and all the local information signs, have the word ‘Historic’ in there somewhere. This term is used far too liberally in Australia in my view; anything more than 50 years old appears to be ‘Historic’ - er, hello, no, that doesn’t mean something is historically significant, it’s just unhelpful spin. The word now actually puts me off bothering to look at the ‘Historic’ something in question, I’ve been had so many times. Anyway although I coudn’t see very much historic about this town it is well-appointed with lots of lovely old Moreton Bay Fig trees lining the street - perhaps these might be termed ‘Historic’ if more than a couple of hundred years old! Though how the River Irwin that passes through the place is ‘Historic’ God only knows!! I promise not to mention the H word again (for a while).
I cycled through the town to go and have a look at the beach / coastline, and was quite impressed - nice white sandy beaches and blue sea under a clear blue sky and the connected settlement of Port Denison looking very much the picture-postcard perfect place. It was so lovely and quiet there too, and I quickly decided to stay here tonight.
I checked into the Tourist Park CP ($18) which is just 100m from the shore at Port Denison, and had set up by 1300. A good shady pitch too. I enjoyed a very pleasant afternoon riding around and sitting in the sun watching the waves crashing over the breakwater, not to mention enjoying the delights of another bakery / cafe here too. I also rode the 2km back into Dongara to do some internet stuff and have a look around.
Spent a sociable evening cooking and eating in the campers kitchen with several folk coming and going, and enjoying a couple of bottles of Wild Turkey bourbon and dried ginger.

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