Tuesday, September 02, 2008

DAY 314: Day off in Lancelin

Tues 2nd September 2008
Sunny, 24 deg C
Elevation of destination 5m
Distance to date 19340 km (12087 miles)

Just a pleasant day chilling out, doing very little apart from lazing around in the sun and eating. They have a few hammocks strung outside here at the YHA and I read for most of the morning swinging to and fro gently in the warm sunshine, reflecting that pretty soon I’ll be back in the wintry Scottish weather. Later on I went to watch the parasurfers (kitesurfers?), which looks like fun, but I’m not tempted to have a go...
I spent some time in the afternoon trying to work out how much all the stuff I plan to take home with me will weigh. And as expected I have well over 30kg hold baggage, with only a 20kg allowance. I can probably risk turning up with 27kg as on the way out, when I got away with that much, but I will either have to send a parcel home with some stuff (it would be cheaper than paying excess baggage charges) or dump some items if they aren’t of much value.
Had a laugh watching Grumpy Old Women on TV here tonight - the stuff they say is so true I think! (Oops). Funny, I was just chatting to Lyn about this programme yesterday.
I’m moving on south tomorrow to give myself plenty of time to get down to Fremantle by Friday 5th. Then on Saturday I plan to complete the loop of Oz and cycle the last 15km from Freo to Perth and in particular to the City YHA where the tour started last October, then celebrate with a slap-up lunch or something similarly significant lol.

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