Tuesday, October 09, 2007

DAY 2: - 7 Oct 07 - Mandurah to Harvey

84 km @ 14.3 km/hr, light headwind and lots of traffic

First thing I noticed today was the intense itchiness of all the mozzie bites, so I packed up as quickly as I could and escaped the caravan site. Just up the road was a bakery and I indulged in cheese toasties and donuts and coffee to set me up for the day, whilst chatting to a honeymoon couple looking for a church (by the shape of the lady it was to arrange for a christening (;->).
I headed out of town and along a fairly featureless and very hot road, and the only excitement for an hour or so was being overtaken by an old man on an old bike and shouting "hi" to each other.
I passed through Pinjarra and Waroona and nothing much occurred to heighten the senses, and after 60 km I was feeling pretty tired, and worn down by all the traffic. Then the previously reliable 3 to 5ft verge disappeared and I was right up against the traffic, with several single-articulated road trains giving me a good waft evertime they passed. As I approached Harvey it started to rain, to add insult to injury, and I arrived wondering weather to stay at the motel (I hate motels, the rooms usually stink of tobacco and stale sweaty sex), or camp. Not much fun putting up a tent in the rain, but luckily the nice ex-Yorkshire hostess at the campsite offered me the 'backpackers room' for only A$15 (6 quid!), and I gladly accepted. I was feeling a little low at this point bhut felt considerable better when she arrived on the doorstep with a pot of tea and a couple of scones with jam and cream - how did she know that was one of my favourites? What a star - I throughly recommend this site if you're in the area.
After a mediocre fish and chip supper (again) I hit the sack to the noise of a tele blaring next door, but thankfully got to sleep OK. It will get better - won't it? Of course it will. I'm feeling quite stressed with all the stuff I'm trying to get right; I was the same when touring the Alps last year during the last few days.

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