Tuesday, October 09, 2007

DAY 3: 8 Oct 07 - Harvey to Bunbury

63 km @ 16.2 km/hr, light tailwind yessss!

The rain fell heavily all night, amplified by the tin roof, and everywhere was wet and smelling of damp earth. I felt much improved after a great sleep though, my best for many days. I got the gear together, checked out and thanked mein hostess once again, and cycled the 400m to the nearest cafe, where I had a mega-breakfast - bacon, eggs and everything else, about 1200 calories I reckon. As I was finishing the rain eased and I headed to the Telecentre to check e-mails etc., but had no luch with updating the blog due to the Blogger script being in some Oriental language that neither I or the staff could correct.
The road west (back onto Highway 1 Mandurah to Bunbury) was pleasant, quiet and tree-lined and after 16 km or so I reached the main road, where there was a decent-width verge for cyclists to stay safer. I has abandoned yesterdays route, Highway 2 Harvey to Bunbury, due to the lack of verge. I believe there will be more unverged road further south, and all I can do is to be as visible as possible with my orange gilet and little Scottish flag sticking out the back.
Around 22 km from Bunbury I went off onto the coastal route via Australind, on the shores of the Leschenault Estuary. Cycle tracks all the way, even if they do go up and down over road junctions they make for more relaxed riding. A friendly parrot greeted me sat on the welcome to Bunbury sign. Note that I do plan to post pics whenever I find internet access that allows this - many do not let you upload (for security reasons). The 4 km or so pedestrian / cycle tracks on the approach to Bunbury from the NE are very enjoyable - right away from the traffic, over boardwalks over the water and winding around a mangrove conservation area.
The pic showing all the gear is me testing out the solar panels - they did manage to charge up the phone and Garmin bike computer but only when the sun was shining - still. expecting plenty of that!
I had arranged to stay with A*****, a fellow Couchsurfer who had very kindly agreed to put me up for the night. She is a long-life supporter of environment and animal causes and works for the Australian Forestry 'Commission', not sure what it's called. I was disappointed to learn that the forests, despite protection, are not thriving - mainly it seems due to a plant disease (whose name escapes me) that is increasing, probably being spread by increasing nos. of forest users.
A was an excellent host and I enjoyed my evening, and once again had a great sleep. I was introduced to her pet python and handled a snake for the first time in my life - wonderfully muscular and tactile animals.


Anonymous said...

Hi David, hope all is going well!Glad to see things have picked up for you-sounds like your not doing too badly on the food front anyway!Hope all the hi-tech gadgets and the bike are running smoothly.
Speak soon,
Gareth & Jen

Kyle Archer said...

Remember how I said I wish I had a Thorn? Well by incredible coincidence, I managed to get a JOB at THORN! The world is a crazy place. This guarantees I'll soon be the happy owner of a new Nomad!!!

Like the blog by the way mate!