Saturday, December 01, 2007

DAY 58: Another day off at Peter and Sue's

Slept a bit later due to getting to sleep late this morning but into action quickly and on the phone to Macca. Macca is the host of a popular Australian radio programme every Sunday morning, which is composed of music and chat - lots of interviews with Australians all over the world about where they are and what they are doing. It is listened to by around 2 million people, and Sue had the great idea of me phoning in to see if they might be interested in what I am doing - with a particular emphasis on raising awareness of WaterAid. Soon after 8 I duly phoned the station and got to speak to a producer of the show who seemed quite interested and asked me to hang on - I guess that have to try and fit many competing topics in in some kind of coherence. I hung on for a while listening to a live broadcast of the show over the phone, but when around an hour later I spoke again to the producer he said he though they would not have time this week, however I should phone next Sunday and try again, which I will. Peter kindly brought me my breakfast as I waited on the phone.

I spent the next couple of hours getting up to date with the blog and as there's a fast broadband connection here could upload more images than usual. And taking a pic of Bobby, right.

In the afternoon we went out for a drive around Mount Lofty, very scenic and reminded me a little of Derbyshire / the Pennines - endless hills and windy road - and the sky was grey, more reminiscent of the UK. We stopped at a place where the can pick your own cherries (me and Sue, below)

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