Monday, January 14, 2008

DAY 100: Day 3 off in Canberra

Sun 13th January 2008
22 km
Distance to date 6288 km (3930 miles)
hot & sunny

My hosts were off early this morning so we said our goodbyes and I headed off into the city again at around 0730. Even at this time there were 100’s of people out around Lake Burley Griffin jogging, power walking, and not least, cycling. I cycled leisurely all around the Lake (there’s a track all around for some 20km), stopping to look at and listen to the Carillon bells for a while. For some reason I didn’t take any photos today - probably because it was so hot I was intent on getting into the next air-conditioned building.
I took a couple of hours to get around and towards the end popped up to the Botanic Gardens again for lunch and a longer look around. I didn’t feel very relaxed though because I had to leave all my stuff in the panniers on the bike; it’s too much to carry around. I think the chance of getting them stolen are slim, but there’s always that nagging doubt in my mind so I have to keep popping back to check.
It was pretty hot again so I tried to keep in the shade has much as possible.
In the afternoon I went up Capitol Hill and had a look at both the old and new Parliaments. I went in to look around the old one - beautiful building - and the National Portrait Gallery is also residing there at present. The bike had to be left in full sunshine as there was no shady spot to park unfortunately, and the bags were red hot when I came out.
Next call was to the library, where there’s an exhibition about the muslim camel drivers that so ably supported early exploration of Australia - their contribution has not really been recognised to date by all accounts, but this exhibition will help - there is some very interesting stuff about the early explorers and examples of the type of equipment they used, and a lot else besides.
I am currently typing this up in the library foyer but will get going soon to find Lindsay’s place, where I will be staying tonight.

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