Thursday, January 10, 2008

DAY 98: Day 1 off in Canberra

Fri 11th January 2008
42 km
Distance to date 6234 km (3896 miles)
Very warm & sunny

Last night I just lay down on the bed and fell asleep fully clothed, and didn't wake up until 0400 so must have been pretty tired. Felt much better thgough than I have recently with getting disturbed at night.

After breakfast I did a lot of sorting out on the computer - updating the blog, e-mailing, and lots else besides. Patrick's is a very fast connection and fast PC and a joy to use!
In the early afternoon I rode off into the city but managed to get lost on the cycle tracks and finished back where I started! It took a little more effort to get to the VIC where I had a good browse around, especially at the hot air balloon flights over the city.
I also collected a parcel from Lyn's son Gareth in Brisbane, which contained his old mobile which he has very kindly given to me complete with SIM card. He also put in several energy bars for me which was a nice thought.
The pics are views of Canberra from the the bridge over Lake Burley-Griffin; plus one of the cycle track.
In the evening Patrick, Christine and I went to friends Julie and Keith where we had a sumptuous gourmet 3-course dinner - absolutely delicious and a eal treat for me. J and K are also cyclists and we had a good old natter about everything bikes, including what route I should take from here to Brisbane - a lot of the routes inland are very hilly and maybe I would be making life hard for myslef by going that way - should I stick to the coast?

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