Wednesday, July 09, 2008

DAY 253: Day 1 off in Kununurra

Thurs 3rd July 2008
Sunny, 31 deg C
Elevation of /destination 55 m
Distance to date 15063 km (9414 miles)

On crossing into WA we had to turn watches back 90 minutes, which plays havoc with dawn and dusk - it was dark well before 1800 last night, and light around 0600 this morning, which will take a little getting used to. To say this caravan park is pretty full, it was fairly quiet last night - June is the start of peak holiday season up here since it is so pleasantly warm compared to the south of Oz.
After breakfast I set to to sort the puncture problem out, and found that there was nothing stuck in the tyre that had caused another blow-out in the same place, rather it was the tyre patch I’d fitted inside the tyre that must have had a sharp edge which cut into the tube! So I patched the tube and swopped the rear tyre to the front for good measure. I also managed to get a 3rd spare tube in town at the sports shop, so I should be well provided for now.
I’ve decided not to ride the Gibb River Road through the Kimberley. It sounds as if it would be overly hard work for 700km without suspension or trailer, what with endless corrugations and sandy patches. It also seems to be pretty popular and busy, so there will be plenty of bulldust to contend with too. The alternative, sealed Highway 1, is obviously easier, but there are also some nice places to see along the way too, such as Geikie Gorge, so I won’t be making such a sacrfifice. This will also give me a bit more time to spend in the Pilbara, inland from the coast, which is said to be awesome in terms of scenery, so I’m happy about that. So that I can get a look at the Kimberley on Saturday I’ve booked onto the El Questro all-day tour, which takes in some of the Gibb, Emma Gorge, El Questro Station, a river cruise, and lots of food including Beef and Barramundi for lunch! Look forward to that!
I managed to get all the website updating done, albeit on a slightly slow connection, and bought a new map of WA to plan the last ‘leg’. I had a nice e-mail from Lyn who says she is missing me lots, and we are really looking forward to getting together again. Her son Gareth and wife Jen have been over from Brisbane and fly back to Oz soon - they spent a few days with her up in Caithness and so Lyn is missing them to. Lyn and Mary’s pet-sitting business is almost underway, and she e-mailed me their smart new business card to have a look at - cool.
I had a good lunch of Shepherd’s Pie and had heartburn all afternoon, but it was worth it. Late on I went a walk around the base of the red mountains that lie next to the CP as the sun went down. The colours are so vivid, and in the cooling air the rocks radiate lots of heat as you walk past them.
Alistair is off tomorrow to start the Gibb River Road, so I may not see him again; I shall probably have passed Derby by the time he gets there - he’s planning to take 3 weeks.

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