Wednesday, July 09, 2008

DAY 254: Day 2 off in Kununurra

Fri 4th July 2008
Sunny, 30 deg C
Elevation of /destination 55 m
Distance to date 15063 km (9414 miles)

I was up with the sun after a good sleep in this busy camping area, with Alistair packing ready to leave. I shall miss him, having greatly enjoyed his chatty companionship for a few days, but the Gibb calls for him.
I had another good sort out of my stuff after breakfast, and added a few bits to the parcel I’m sending to Lyn’s with stuff I don’t need. Round at the PO I found that it weighed 1.3 kg - nearly 3 lbs, so with some other bits I’ve decided to give away / throw out I’ve reduced my baggage by 2 kg all told. I sent it by sea El Cheapo - no hurry - and it may not even be there when I get back home according to the PO lady.
Late morning I cycled the short rise up to Kelly’s Knob lookout, a small hill that overlooks the town and affords a great view of the surrounding area, including the Ord River Valley.
In the late afternoon I left the bike at the tent and walked into Mirima NP, which backs onto the Hidden Valley CP where I’m staying. The path leads to the Hidden Valley itself, which is a breathtaking Martian-looking landscape of deep red and orange sandstone mountains, and meanders around the crags and through the Acacia shrub, Kapok trees, Turkey Bush and thick Spinifex. The tiny Fairy Wren is supposed to be common around here but they weren’t revealing themselves for me. There were several species of Honeyeater as usual along with the Bee Eater. The path climbs quite steeply over massive boulder steps up to a viewpoint overlooking Kununurra. At half an hour before sunset the colours were unforgettable; this is such a beautiful place it’s a ‘must see’ for anyone coming this way. The red sandstone derives from ancient sedimentary deposits which have been eroded into weird shapes by the ages. My timing had been perfect since I got back just as the light was disappearing, about 30 minutes after sunset.

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